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Our bathroom and cleaning products are designed with today’s American bathrooms in mind, hiding in plain sight, yet managing to make an impression of beauty at the same time, and provide their purpose with ease.

Why can’t bathroom products be both beautiful and effective in cleaning?

It’s 2019, and I am looking at my bathroom and toilet. I want to make some changes to its appearance, without renovating the space. I go online and look for nice little additions that make the space look relaxing, elegant, and serve the purpose of cleaning.

Unfortunately, what I noticed is that most products compromise quality and convenience for looks, and the “good stuff” is just uninspiring. The frustration of this made me ask

“Why can’t bathroom products be both beautiful and effective in cleaning?”. That day, Tiasablu was born.

Hi! I’m Matthew, founder of Tiasablu, and I had enough of myself and others having to pick between the two, and decided to provide everyone with products that are both beautiful and effective.





 Capturing beauty, quality and functionality in our bathroom products, and providing them to our customers.

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Tiasablu Plunger with Concealed Holder - Heavy Duty, No Splash Back, Long Handle - Discreet Toilet Plunger for Bathroom

Stainless Steel

Designed for standard & low-flow US toilets

Concealed for privacy

Free removable, washable drip cup

Free instructional brochure for easy plunging

$29.97 USD


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Our Lovely Online Customers

"Such a convenient, stylish plunger. I like how I can store my plunger in plain sight and still have my bathroom look great"
Heather R.

Los Altos, CA

"I love how they've added the instruction brochure. I didn't know how easy plunging could be. So effortless and quick."
Kimberly H.

Wethersfield, CT

"It does the job, and is comfortable to use. I am happy with this (Plunger) purchase."
Jennifer S.

San Diego, CA

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